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The IM System By Kenster: A Quick Review

What Is The IM System?

The IM System is a complete internet marketing course designed by uber-successful internet marketer Kenster. Comprised of 6 training modules filled with video training and downloadable PDFs, the course is a complete immersion into the world of digital marketing. Kenster says digital marketing is the #1 way to make money online today. What is even better is you don’t have to be confined to the IM niche. The strategies inside the program can be applied to any niche. The goal is to be able to create your own lifestyle business doing exactly what you love. A lifestyle business is one that lets you do what you want when you want. A lifestyle business generates passive income around the clock to give you true freedom. Before you think of buying The IM System, read this review of Kenster’s course. You can also watch this video:

Kenster created The IM System after years of trial and error and perfecting a system that made him an internet marketing millionaire. Knowing the common struggles everyday people like you and me have, he created an actionable, results-driven program that will essentially guarantee you will be successful if you just follow the program.

In fact, Kenster has built homework into each module to help make sure you grasp each concept and can actually physically take the actions needed for success. Of course there are tons of over the should videos and downloadable checklists included in the course that helps you follow along.

The course is especially convenient for the budget minded. Kenster realized he didn’t have all the best tools when he was just starting out, so he built 4 budget plans into the course. For those of us that just want to use free tools and resources, he has a plan that shows you what tools you can use to implement the strategies. He also included a Pro plan that shows you the exact tools and resources he uses in his businesses. There are 2 more in between so you can pick the one that most closely matches your financial situation.

The culture inside The IM System is very supportive. Inside the member’s area you will find access to private Facebook groups, private skype groups, a members only forum, and groups based on experience level. And Kenster himself will be constantly present in the various groups to ensure questions are answered and people can keep progressing through the program. He will even be available for 1-on-1 coaching as people need it.

Should You Buy The IM System?

The program truly is top notch and shouldn’t be taken lightly if you are wanting to build a passive income through a successful online business. Learn more about The IM System here.

Keyword Demon Review – Real Keyword Demon Insider Review

In the next few days Joshua Zamora will be releasing his new keyword research software called Keyword Demon. It is one of the first keyword research tools to integrate with Google’s Keyword Planner and provide LSI recommendations! Read more at the following link:

Keyword Demon Review – Real Keyword Demon Insider Review.

Does Affilorama Work? A Review Of Affiloblueprint By Mark Ling

If you have ever wondered does Affilorama work, here are a couple Affiloblueprint review resources to give you a closer look as to whether the training by Mark Ling is right for you.

Review of Affilorama

Affilorama Affiloblueprint Review

The course is very simple. It is broken out into 12 steps to walk you through the process of choosing a product or niche in which to base your affiliate business on. Each step is designed to provide actionable content that you can incorporate right away.

You will learn how to build your website, optimize it for traffic and leads, and successfully market it to your target market. No stone is left unturned in Mark Ling’s affiliate training course.

This video will walk you through a lot of the details of Affiloblueprint, including what you get when you purchase the training and how much you can expect to make once you complete the program.

If you want to read more about the program you can check out this Affilorama review page or get instant access to Affilorama today.

Is Bring The Fresh Right For You? A Quick Review

Well first a quick disclaimer…I am a HUGE fan of Bring The Fresh! If you haven’t heard of BTF, then you may not be making the amount of money you would maybe like to be making online. I feel so strongly about the program that I wanted to provide a quick review. I also have provided a more detailed Bring The Fresh review here that goes over everything inside.


Bring The Fresh 2013 is all about giving you the exact methods that are working right now for making money on the internet with affiliate marketing. And when I say exact, I literally mean step-by-step video tutorials where you watch over the shoulder as uber successful internet marketer Kelly Felix shows you which buttons to push and when.

There is even a Fast Start Guide pdf provided as well that is more like a checklist to help you work through all the steps of choosing a niche, selecting keywords, picking out products to promote, setting up your WordPress site, adding content, and then driving tons of traffic to it to help get you sales.

Does Bring The Fresh Work?

This is very easy for me to answer as I am a real life case study. When I first started online I was completely engulfed by the swarms of affiliate marketing courses and programs that existed. There was so much information out there that I was complete paralyzed and didn’t know where to start. That is until I discovered Bring The Fresh!

After following Bring The Fresh methods I was able to create my first really successful affiliate website, and I haven’t looked back since. The great thing is as the search engines (read: Google) have changed so much over the past year, BTF has stayed on top of the updates and quickly communicated new strategies that work through video updates or their super active forum.

The forum is such a huge benefit as you can quickly get questions answered and learn what other BTF members are doing that is working. The forum is worth the price of BTF alone!

Worth A Look?

I highly recommend you check out Bring The Fresh if you are just starting out with online marketing, or simply are looking to gain the advantage over the competition. I’ll see you on the inside!

Superstitious Secret Of The Abundance Code: The Power Of Visualization

Have you at any time had an ordeal when a specific thing you placed tremendous thinking toward simply worked out as planned and come to pass? Perhaps you have also seen the quote “What we imagine, we come to be”? If so, you have been acquainted to the realm of visualization.

You might actually have even seen it referred to as The Abundance Code. Regardless of what people refer to it as, visualization has been believed as being the most compelling and successful way to obtaining what we want from life. No it is not a touchable item. There’s absolutely nothing to purchase. Every thing you need to have is right inside of you. Allow me to talk about initially what visualization is, afterwards I’ll provide a highly effective visualization tip you can begin using right now in order to get every thing you wish for from life using what is without a doubt inside of you.

Before I move any farther, I need to share my story. 5 yrs back my daily life was much different then it is right at the moment. I had reached the limits of anxiety and panic thinking exactly how I was going to place food on my dining table, not to mention cover the rent. I had been a part of a couple failed business attempts which had put me in the worse debt I had ever been in. I was at a mental low, and wasn’t in a happy place overall.

Finding sanctuary in book stores to waste time, I started going through a ton of books throughout the self-help category. One such book talked about visualization. I devoured the pages, absorbing everything I could. I put the lessons into action each and every day. I started enjoying a much more positive rich life. 2 months down the road I located a gig paying me 3x what I had been earning, making it possible for me to stop thinking about meals on the dinner table and a shelter on my head. I did it with visualization.

Visualization is using your thought and directing it on your aspirations and wants. That might appear ridiculous to you initially hearing it, but this basic process of thinking has improved 1000s of lives. Visualization is based around the idea that if you fixate on something for so long, it will reveal itself in some form and become a reality. If you think about it, it really makes good sense. When we focus our feelings on our desires, really picture ourselves accomplishing or implementing something, we tend to change our behavior to reflect the mood of those thoughts.

It might be a baseball competitor envisioning himself hitting the home run each and every day, then hitting one during the important game. Or it may be the scared driver continuously worrying over getting into a car wreck, only to eventually get into a car wreck on his way home one day. The fact about visualization is it can work in a beneficial or unfavorable way. There is one highly effective technique you can use to make a beneficial visualization setting to lead your thoughts and your life.

If you would like to successfully use visualization to transform your life for the better, I would like you to accomplish this one particular task. Get yourself a visualization board. A visualization board is essentially a whiteboard, bulletin board, or any type of item you can fasten on your wall that lays out your ideal goals and wishes. Here’s the deal, it will need to be really exact and it has to be seen every single day. When I say specific, I mean very specific. If you desire to have a ton of cash, say exactly the amount of cash you desire. If you desire a brand new automobile, write specifically which vehicle. The much more precise you are, the less complicated it is to visualize in your head.

When using visualization you need to picture precisely what you desire. This uses the full power of visualization. Get the board on your kitchen wall so it is the very first thing you find when you get up. Put it beside the mirror in the restroom. It does not matter where you put it, it just has to be in view to you every single day. A regular reminder of what you would like to obtain in your life.

The wonderful aspect of visualization is it’s uncomplicated to apply, yet provides amazing returns. You can transform your entire existence by taking advantage of visualization, and doing it every day. Use a visualization board to document what you hope to obtain, accomplish, and do. Position your visualization board in a spot you can view it every day. Digest each item on your board. Then visualize yourself obtaining those items, accomplishing those milestones, and carrying out those actions. Then be confident, and be persistent. Very good things will transpire, then you’ll be set for the next action.

To continue the journey of creating the life you desire through visualization and its powers, go to Mike Evans The Abundance Code to take the next step.

How To Increase Blog Traffic With 3 Simple Steps

The most important thing a website owner should learn is how to increase their presence on the web. If you don’t get quality, targeted traffic to your website, you might as well pack it up and go home!

The problem is, most of us don’t know where to start when it comes to finding new visitors. The typical path the website owner walks goes a little something like this: Create website – Create Google Adwords account – Spend lots of money on Adwords – Go broke and give up website idea. There is no shame if you’ve experienced this. It happens. All of us have been there. In fact, most successful website owners have made their share of mistakes along the way! The good news is, we can all learn from their mistakes and get started on the right foot!

There is actually a very straight-forward strategy we can use to increase our website traffic and increase our sales. Also very lucky for us that we don’t have to spend a lot of money or risk getting banned from anything! It just takes a little elbow grease and time.

The first thing we need to do is determine who our customers are. If we don’t know who we are selling too, and what their internet patterns are, sales may fall flat. There are a couple tools we can use to find out this information. The first is Google Trends. It is free, and we can use it to find information on keywords related to our website and who is looking for them. This also ties in with the Google Adwords Tool. We can use this to help refine what keywords are more popular for our niche or product.

Our next step is to start marketing to our audience. This is where we will establish a wider presence on the internet to help generate website traffic. Now that we know all about our audience, and the keywords they like to use, we can start writing content-rich articles and place them on article sites like Ezines and Go Articles. We will submit to as many sites as we can to build our ‘authority’, and to give us an opportunity to show our article resource box to the world! The resource box is where we get to put links directly back to our website so our customers can go to our site as soon as they read our article.

Finally, you will start generating traffic through article marketing and supplemental traffic sources. You can then utilize an email marketing strategy that sends targeted traffic to your articles or directly to your website. If you are getting increased traffic through your article submissions and other sources, the email marketing will support traffic to your submitted articles. Also, using supplemental sources like YouTube, social media like Facebook and Twitter posts, can generate a ‘buzz’ around your site that can generate website traffic consistently.

If we follow these simple steps, we should be able to generate a decent amount of traffic to boost sales and get our website off the ground! You just have to realize it will take a little time. Stick to the strategy, and the traffic will follow!

Before using any marketing tools to drive traffic to your website, please look at my Free training series 7 Steps to Affiliate Success to learn all about proven strategies for growing a successful affiliate marketing business.