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Is Bring The Fresh Right For You? A Quick Review

Well first a quick disclaimer…I am a HUGE fan of Bring The Fresh! If you haven’t heard of BTF, then you may not be making the amount of money you would maybe like to be making online. I feel so strongly about the program that I wanted to provide a quick review. I also have provided a more detailed Bring The Fresh review here that goes over everything inside.


Bring The Fresh 2013 is all about giving you the exact methods that are working right now for making money on the internet with affiliate marketing. And when I say exact, I literally mean step-by-step video tutorials where you watch over the shoulder as uber successful internet marketer Kelly Felix shows you which buttons to push and when.

There is even a Fast Start Guide pdf provided as well that is more like a checklist to help you work through all the steps of choosing a niche, selecting keywords, picking out products to promote, setting up your WordPress site, adding content, and then driving tons of traffic to it to help get you sales.

Does Bring The Fresh Work?

This is very easy for me to answer as I am a real life case study. When I first started online I was completely engulfed by the swarms of affiliate marketing courses and programs that existed. There was so much information out there that I was complete paralyzed and didn’t know where to start. That is until I discovered Bring The Fresh!

After following Bring The Fresh methods I was able to create my first really successful affiliate website, and I haven’t looked back since. The great thing is as the search engines (read: Google) have changed so much over the past year, BTF has stayed on top of the updates and quickly communicated new strategies that work through video updates or their super active forum.

The forum is such a huge benefit as you can quickly get questions answered and learn what other BTF members are doing that is working. The forum is worth the price of BTF alone!

Worth A Look?

I highly recommend you check out Bring The Fresh if you are just starting out with online marketing, or simply are looking to gain the advantage over the competition. I’ll see you on the inside!